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Fran Cunningham & Team

Working with a realtor team like Fran's Team, with many years of experience in Northeast Ohio, can be a great asset when looking to buy or sell a home. Their knowledge of the area, existing market conditions, and the nuances of the local real estate industry can prove invaluable when navigating the buying or selling process. They can help to identify potential homes that may be a good fit for your needs and provide valuable insights into the local market. Additionally, Fran Cunningham and her team's experience and expertise can help to ensure that the home buying or selling process is as smooth as possible. Their network of contacts can also be beneficial if you need assistance with financing or other aspects of the transaction.

Fran Cunningham, A Wealth of Realtor Experience

Experienced Realtor Fran Cunningham

A seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, Realtor Fran Cunningham has been licensed since…

EMAIL: hms4u@aol.com

PHONE: 330.719.0727

Barb Gleason, Realtor

Experienced Realtor Barb Gleason

I have enjoyed being a REALTOR® since 1997, and my goal is to represent buyers and sellers fairly. I do my best to exceed expectations.…

EMAIL: ghb2393@aol.com

PHONE: 330.307.3642

William Cunningham, Realtor

Experienced Realtor William Cunningham

For over two decades, the Cunningham Team of Realtors has been active in the real estate industry. With multiple Realtors at your…

EMAIL: wcunningham@ecc11.com

PHONE: 330.637.1680

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